Yoga for Sports

As seasoned runner, Menchu has first hand experience in injury prevention and nursing. As a yoga therapist, she has a keen interest in body mechanics. These two facets allow her to put together comprehensive and sport-specific yoga programmes.

Yoga can help to:

  • stretch key muscles, improving flexibility and range of motion;
  • strengthen underused muscles;
  • correct postural imbalances;
  • build core strength;
  • improve balance;
  • develop more efficient breathing techniques;
  • reduce the risk of injury;
  • speed injury recovery time;
  • improve focus and concentration;
  • reduce competition-related stress and anxiety.

Whether you are an individual training towards the next PB, or a sports club searching for a cross-training alternative, get in touch to discuss your needs and arrange a taster class.

Photo credit: "Stretch" (cropped) by Incase.