Yoga at Work

Stress and long hours in front of a desk are known factors of absenteeism at work. More and more companies are investing in creating a culture of fitness in order to reduce stress in the workplace and thus encourage a happier, healthier working experience, which then translates into increased efficiency and productivity. Yoga can help to:

  • correct postural imbalances;
  • improve focus and concentration;
  • reduce stress and anxiety;
  • increase positivity and energy,
  • and encourage teamwork.

Some examples of classes that Amshala currently teaches in the workplace include:

  • Restorative Yoga is about passive stretches and breath awareness, allowing your body and mind to release tensions with ease, which brings a renovating effect in your whole system.
  • Cool off and Refresh Yoga is a gentle yoga class, where you will stretch your body and release tensions, helping energy to flow back. Your body will feel lighter, and your mind, more focused.
  • Yoga Flow is a more dynamic practice that builds stamina, improves flexibility, tone and connection to your breath.
  • Yoga for Your Back focuses on releasing tensions on the spine, specially at the lower back, improving its flexibility and its stability through core integration.

Times and the duration of classes are flexible to suit the working environment.

If you are interested in running yoga classes at your workplace, get in touch to discuss how Amshala can help you.

Photo credit: "Office Details" (cropped) by Phil Roeder.